Americans are the most productive workers on Earth, according to a Japanese study.

Moreover, nearly all of the scientific and high-tech gains of the world have come from the Advanced Democracies:  Europe, America and Free Asia.   In stark contrast, the murderous,  repressive, and truly despised dictatorship of Red China is little more than a huge xerox copy machine -- guilty of massive theft of patented technology from high-tech Democratic Nations.

Exclusively catering to Millionaire Investors, Wall Street Barons love to betray U.S. workers.  They love to shut down profitable American firms, so they can exploit slave-wage laborers in Red China's police state.  They crave the support of the Dictators in the murdering regime.  With the immoral aid of Millionaire Investors in Congress (big fans of Red China's slavery), these traitorous "Americans" couldn't care less about rising poverty and joblessness in the USA.

American CEO's are the LEAST PATRIOTIC managers on Earth:

1.  They offshore American jobs, despite making record profits with U.S. employees

2.  They bribe the U.S. Congress -- to pay little (if any) income tax on billions in profits

3.  They applaud Red China's slave labor and low wages, despite human rights violations

4.  They are seldom indicted and prosecuted, for weakening America's Industrial Strength,

5.  They enjoy record-high salaries and perks -- despite falling wages for poor U.S. workers.

President Biden, so far, has FAILED TO FORCE CEO's to bring Industry back to America. The dictatorial lie he accepts from Fortune 500 CEO's is always:   "We cannot afford U.S. workers."

Yet, somehow, these same CEO's can wantonly afford to spend billions of dollars building brand new  factories in Mainland Communist China, Vietnam, Mexico, and anywhere but America.

FACT:  With government tax breaks and incentives, most firms are highly profitable in America.

Wall Street attacks the idea of "employing American workers,"  but it NEVER mentions:

1.  The high cost of building new factories in foreign nations

2.  The high cost of shipping raw materials to foreign nations

3.  The high cost of shipping finished products from foreign nations

4.  The high cost of political instability in foreign nations

5.  The high cost of long-term loss of American technology, and

6.  The high cost of wealth inequality, family poverty and joblessness in America.

Many Americans argue that ONE BIG COST of doing business in a foreign nation is Corona Virus.  Many believe that the Virus (which DID, in fact, originate in China) was a retaliation.  Outraged and upstaged by America's:  (1) trade tariffs, (2) reduced trade, and (3) adamant demands for an improvement in the regime's human rights record -- the dictators of Red China, accustomed to killing their enemies in Tibet, Nepal, India and Mongolia, unleashed the deadly Corona Virus.

Mainland China, under the hated Communist Party, has committed mass genocide in Tibet.

The "Party of Mao" now runs concentration camps for Uighurs, commits mass murder against the followers of Falun Gong (with organ-harvesting), and imprisons Christians and Muslims.

Before the mass murder of innocents by Mao ZeDong and The Communist Party, Mainland China was a contented, Confucius-oriented, and philosophical nation steeped in history. They enjoyed a proud heritage.  Taiwan gained Democracy after The Civil War of 1949.  Sadly, Mainland China "gained" Totalitarian Communism after the war -- which has killed more than 20 million people.

Defying the mass movement of 385 million Chinese who strongly oppose The Communist Party's dictatorship, Big Business CEO's from the West have legitimized the "Party of Mao" with their hundreds of business deals -- and their immoral greed at the expense of Western workers.

Millions of Americans demand that Congress indict and prosecute criminal Fortune 500 CEO's.

Many are demanding: "Let's jail the bastards, for offshoring thousands of good American jobs!"

Wall Street and Congress have brutally betrayed poor U.S. workers by shipping dozens of major industries to Communist Red China.  When poor workers cannot find decent jobs -- or affordable housing -- then their "leaders" have truly failed.  

Congress -- instead of giving tax breaks to U.S. firms in Red China -- must fight to:

1.  Reduce AMERICA'S poverty, homelessness, joblessness, and student loan debt
2.  Restore AMERICA'S once-strong industries (which were shipped to Red China)
3.  EXPOSE AND OPPOSE landlord greed in AMERICA -- and REDUCE workers' rents
4.  Establish Universal Health Care in AMERICA (as done in the UK -- 70 years ago)

5.  Strengthen AMERICA'S Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security programs.


Since 1789, most legislation in Congress has been passed into law with a Simple Majority Vote.

In 2023, however, the heavily-bribed and anti-worker "Wall Street Congress" (which supports Red China's murdering dictators 100 percent) has turned its back on the Simple Majority Vote.

In 2023, the immoral Senate Filibuster requires a 60-vote "super majority" on legislation. 

Deeply unpopular, the filibuster gives undeserved veto power to an out-of-power minority.

Although poor workers donate millions of truly-scarce dollars to Millionaire Politicians during high-cost Federal Campaigns, they often get few (if any) decent new laws as a result -- because of the immoral and deeply unpopular Senate Filibuster.

The poor who give donations -- to fight against Wall Street -- ARE OFTEN WITHOUT A CLUE that dozens of other Free Nations (e.g, France) PROHIBIT ALL CORPORATE DONATIONS.

Rep. Schiff (D-CA) is sponsoring a popular Constitutional Amendment to overturn the Supreme Court's bizarre Citizens United "ruling" -- which unleashed unlimited corporate money into politics.

The immoral Senate Filibuster is a direct attack upon Democracy. 

The immoral Senate Filibuster is a direct attack upon the History of Congress. 

The immoral Senate Filibuster is a direct attack upon the (INFREQUENT) gains of Congress.

Two chumps of Wall Street -- Senator Manchin and Senator Sinema -- have utterly betrayed poor workers, poor Seniors, and poor students by refusing to repeal the unpopular Senate Filibuster.  

These traitors to Democracy endorse widespread homelessness, costly health care which causes 50,000 deaths per year, and millions of worker bankruptcies and foreclosures each year. 

If the poor had Tough Democrats who abolished the filibuster, they could achieve:

1.  Universal Health Care (as achieved DECADES AGO in Canada, France and the UK),
2.  Forgiveness of suicide-causing student loan debt,
3.  Free (or low-cost) college tuition,
4.  Expansion of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid,
5.  Rebuilding of US Industry -- and opposing Wall Street's investments in Red China.

Do-nothing "Democrats" must QUICKLY ABOLISH the anti-democratic Senate Filibuster.

AllConnect.Com offers a free PDF guide: "What You Can Do If You're Experiencing Homelessness."  It links people to local shelters, food banks and free Internet services..


"We must apply social values more noble than mere monetary profit."

                                                                                                          President Franklin D. Roosevelt

For millions of Americans, the military has been a positive and rewarding career.

Patriotic Americans are shocked that the USA no longer has compulsory military service. They scorn the dangerously-low percentage (a mere 7%) of veterans among our citizens in 2023.

Patriots value the maturity, technical skills and discipline which are gained in the military.

From 1940 to 1973, America's productive conscription program manned the Armed Forces.

In a more Patriotic Era, the draft of 1940-73 filled the military's ranks by men willing to serve the nation for 2 years.  In that Patriotic Era, America was a much greater Industrial Power.  America's military was much larger during that Patriotic Era, with a Navy and Air Force twice their current size.

Military service was a "rite of passage" to manhood for millions of American youths.  In the 1940-73 draft, new conscripts learned lifelong skills -- including discipline and maturity -- to successfully begin their careers. Many learned high-tech skills, as well, to launch their careers.

Overall, veterans greatly value their training and friends gained in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Thousands of GI's, however, have complained of excessive punishment during their careers.

Young GI's are prone to do impulsive things.  And they get themselves into trouble.

In many cases, a GI is given a second chance after "messing up."  However, many GI's have complained about the heavy hand of the Military Justice System -- when they do mess up.

The U.S. Navy, for example, brutally kicked out thousands  of sailors for minor infractions -- as it was later publicly admitted in The Washington Times - National Weekly Edition.

Quick to dismiss first-time offenders, America's military is unique within NATO for giving "bad paper" to GI's for:  (1) a single failed urine test, (2) minor misconduct, and (3) off-duty adultery.

America suffers NATO's highest percentage of GI's who are:  (1) denied clemency, (2) given "bad paper," (3) the tragic victims of suicide, or (4) the tragic victims of homelessness.

Col. David Hackworth, a WWII hero who wrote a syndicated column, often attacked "zero tolerance" policies which are cruel to U.S. soldiers and cost the taxpayers millions of dollars.

Harsh fact:  Blacks in the Armed Forces often get unfair and disproportionate punishments.

Harsh fact:  Many Black Veterans were cruelly denied their GI Bill Benefits.  In the Deep South, racist Congress Critters tainted The GI Bill -- to give "racist priority" to States' Rights.

Harsh fact:  The Pentagon lacks long-term policies to help struggling -- or briefly wayward -- soldiers.  The Navy has admitted to cruelly kicking out thousands of new (but struggling) sailors, who instead might have been adeptly rehabilitated -- to guarantee their retention.

The Navy soon faced a massive sailor shortage, after its shortsighted "kick 'em out" policy.

Indeed, hit with a self-inflicted shortage of 12,000 sailors -- the Navy publicly and belatedly reversed its policy.  It compassionately shifted its focus: to rehabilitate and retain marginal GI's.  The new policy worked.  Thousands of "newbies" were rehabilitated, instead of getting "bad paper."  Performances improved and the "newbies" finished their terms of enlistment.

Steve McQueen, the late actor, is a great example of rehabilitating a wayward GI.  Seven  times, was demoted.  Twice, he was busted for "drunk on duty."  Despite his many offenses, he was not dishonorably discharged.  Returned to duty after spending 6 weeks in a Marine Corps brig, he later "shaped up" and -- in the long term -- received an Honorable Discharge.

Too often, however, the military continues to harshly punish GI's for minor misconduct.

To a youngster who has recently finished school, a bad military discharge is a harsh blow.

Many soldiers were ruthlessly kicked out for a single failed urine test.

Many highly-distinguished soldiers -- including doctors and paramedics -- were kicked out for adultery.  For most GI's, their off-duty social lives do not adversely affect their performance or their unit's readiness level.  For many years -- exclusively to punish adultery in the DoD -- a toll-free hotline was established to report any troops who were having extramarital affairs.

Col. David Hackworth, a war hero, frequently criticized the "Perfumed Prince" mentality of the top brass.  "A soldier is meant to serve and fight," he said, and not to be a "perfumed prince."  Many highly-rated soldiers, he complained, were given "bad paper" because they missed a credit card payment, got caught speeding on base, or made other minor mistakes.

On a positive note, recently there have been limited reforms to the Military Justice System.

UCMJ reforms in 2019 reduced career dangers for legally-separated soldiers.

UCMJ reforms in 2011 reduced career dangers for gay soldiers.

In 2011, President Obama replaced "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" with tolerance for gay soldiers.  Prior to the 2011 reform, 12,000 gay soldiers had been drummed out from 1993 to 2008.

From WWII to 2011, an estimated 100,000 gay soldiers were discharged, often with bad paper.

As impoverished youths, many (later-famous) GI's were harshly punished by the military:

1.  George Carlin (comedian) received a Dishonorable Discharge from the U.S. Air Force,
2.  Edgar Allan Poe (author) received a Dishonorable Discharge from the U.S. Army,
3.  RIchard Pryor (comedian) received a Dishonorable Discharge from the U.S. Army,
4.  Jimmy Hendrix (singer) and other celebrities were busted in the Armed Forces.

Thousands of GI's -- who got hit with "bad paper" -- would gladly commit to a 1- or 2-year national service, or even rejoin the military, in order to upgrade their character of service.

Thousands would commit to fighting forest fires, or to serve in other public-sector jobs.

America, however, is a nation where Congress is "run" by six-figure attorneys who have completely dodged any military service.  They serve Wall Street, and not poor workers.

Americans spend millions of hours watching fantasy shows about primitive and violent dinosaurs (now dead for 65 million years), but they "can't spare any time for veterans."

The NY Times has demanded clemency for thousands of veterans saddled with "bad" paper.

Immorally, America's TV/Film culture blatantly ignores life-or-death, veterans' problems.

The media, looking for the "next profit" from a fantasy TV show, prefer to dwell upon increasingly ridiculous "entertainment" -- fantasy shows, ignorant sensationalism, ignorant "reality" shows, free-agent athletes, and "elites" who have never served in the Armed Forces.

Millions of workers are demanding a far more progressive media, which fights for veterans.

​Because 83% of all Congress Critters are not veterans, pressing GI issues are often ignored.

Wall Street's "bought-and-paid-for" GOP gangsters have shown their true colors as an immoral and anti-worker party, voting multiple times to cut Medicaid for the poor.



Fighting For Common Citizens in 2023


Many poor Americans received grossly-excessive sentences as young GI's -- including Civil War historian Shelby Foote (left) and Michigan Governor Bill Milliken (right).  Shelby Foote was court-martialed as a young GI on trumped-up charges of "excessive use of a government vehicle."  He was dismissed from the Army.  Bill Milliken was brutally demoted from SSG to private for "not keeping a tidy quarters" in his WWII tent.  Having barely survived 45 combat missions against the Nazis in Europe, Milliken considered the demotion as "wholly unjust."


"It is better for the Federal Government to help a poor man make a living

 for his family, than to help a rich man make a profit for his company."

                                                                                                President Theodore Roosevelt

Jeff Bezos donated $100 million to fight against homelessness.

Sylvester Stallone donated $3 million to help homeless military veterans.

In 2023, Americans are grateful for Federal Programs of Rental Assistance and Moratoriums. With new federal help, poor workers have reinvigorated their faith in the U.S. Government. 

For decades, however, Congress has failed to regulate the costs of rental housing for poor workers.  The immoral gulf between worker wages and landlord rents is at an all-time high.

Since 1975, millions of U.S. factory workers have lost their jobs to Communist China and the Third World,  At the same time, millionaire and lawless Gangster Investors have increased their brutal stranglehold on impoverished renters -- as Congress did absolutely nothing.

Mega-profit landlords -- whose godless motto is "greed is good" -- have massively increased poor renters' housing costs -- as revealed by a world-famous Harvard University study.

Germany's popular politicians, by comparison, have made great strides in controlling oppressive rents for poor workers.  Revealing -- for all to see -- the excessive profits of corporate landlords, German leaders have shamed Big Business into helping poor renters.
Germany's popular politicians have surpassed America in regulating predatory landlords.

In the USA, poor renters are demanding that Congress enact similar affordable-housing laws.

Outraged at government incompetence, nonprofits have come to the rescue for poor renters.

AllConnect.Com offers a free PDF guide, directing homeless Americans to needed services.

In Michigan, the nonprofit ICCF has aggressively bought rental properties from greedy landlords, and then quickly lowered rents for poor workers.  CEO VerWys complained:  "These [immoral rent hikes on the poor] are creating a housing some neighborhoods to the point where they are no longer affordable to people who have lived there for generations." 

In Texas, the nonprofit Foundation Communities has aggressively bought rental properties from greedy landlords, and then quickly lowered rents for poor workers.  It has saved thousands of workers from homelessness, and achieved stability for many poor families.

America's leaders are hopelessly corrupt and unbelievably immoral when:

1.  The most profitable U.S. corporations pay no federal taxes,
2.  Congress gives itself huge pensions while retired workers live in poverty,
3.  Congress accepts massive corporate donations to enrich Communist Red China,
4.  The price paid by poor U.S. workers for housing is outrageously high,
5.  Unlike their European peers, U.S. medical patients are forced into bankruptcy,
6.  Unlike their European peers, U.S. college students are forced deep into debt,
7.  The truth about global warming is ignored by our "national leaders,"
8.  Congress refuses to end huge tax breaks for job-offshoring U.S. firms,
9.  Congress does nothing to upgrade the discharges of overpunished GI's,
10. Congress does nothing to improve the management of the U.S. military,
11. The percentage of U.S. military veterans in Congress has fallen below 25%,
12. Members of Congress take more than 3 months of paid vacation each year.​





For millions of Americans, the military has been a positive and rewarding career. However, thousands of veterans have criticized the Military Justice System for its lack of clemency, harsh "zero tolerance" policies and hefty punishments for minor offenses.  Moreover, many Black Veterans were brutally denied the Federal Benefits of The GI Bill.​

         REFORM USA, PO BOX 380343, SAN ANTONIO, TX  78268

Since 1975, the lack of high-tech leadership from Government and the Big Three CEO's has drastically weakened the American automobile industry.  Germany and Japan have become the economic victors, as they rigorously restrict the sale of U.S. cars in their own nations.

Japan and Germany now boast two of the world's largest economies and trade surpluses.  With competitive CEO's, they have diminished America's prosperity and economic stature.

Smarter American Executives would have hired foreign-trained engineers in 1970 to steer the nation toward higher-MPG car production.  The Seventies led America into a murky era of gas-guzzling and overweight cars which -- for the first time -- put the industry into a major nosedive against the car makers of Europe and Asia.  Unlike Japan and Germany, America does not have stringent limits on foreign-built cars which are sold in-country.

In 1976, America became a net-debtor nation with a massive trade deficit.  America has not had a national trade surplus since 1975.  Job losses were huge, and union ranks plummeted.

CEO's are to blame for America's industrial decline.  FDR, Ike and LBJ would be shocked at current "TV news" promoting riches for millionaire shareholders, but poverty for workers.

We salute President Obama's bailout of The Big Three, when Government strongly intervened to restructure and strengthen America's popular Auto Industry.  However, long-term losses in manufacturing to Japan, Germany, Korea and Mexico have been catastrophic.  The USA's "national factory pride and wealth" have gone into a free fall, with job losses in the millions.

Will America ever recover its Great Economy (which existed from 1945-1975)?  Will America ever recover its "Proudly Made in the USA" drive and spirit?

Do the "Democrats" and Republicans in Congress, with their $180,000/year salaries, their lavish pensions and their lavish lifestyles -- really care about poor workers?

American students are among the best researchers and hardest workers in the world.

Rated the world's best college students, Americans pursue tough and high-tech degrees.

Unfortunately, the U.S. Government is anything but a friend to struggling college students.

The U.S. is the POLAR OPPOSITE of worker-friendly Nations -- which offer cost-free tuition (Norway, Germany) -- and is the First World's most anti-student Nation on higher education.

As American firms criminally escape taxation (at an obscene level, compared to other Nations), the corrupt Beltway annually grabs $50 billion in annual profits from federal student loans.

Immoral profits from Student Loans exceed that of Exxon-Mobil and J.P. Morgan Chase.

Corrupt politicians say: "OK, to billionaire corporations paying criminally-low taxes."

Corrupt politicians say:  "NOT OK, to low (or zero) tuition for high-achieving college students."

The Corrupt Beltway -- because of a pathetically weak U.S. Government -- is known all over the world as a ripoff profiteer of hard working college students who struggle to achieve their goals.

Tragically, 8% of all college students have considered suicide, because of student loan debt.

Bypassing The Corrupt Beltway, many state universities now offer free tuition. 

The Beltway's anti-student and pro-banker policies have caused a shortage of:

​1.  Teachers,
2.  Pilots,
3.  Nurses,
4.  Computer programmers,
5.  Engineers, and
​6.  Doctors.

Thousands of Americans have chosen to study in Germany -- which offers tuition-free college.

​Globally, America is frequently ridiculed for its anti-worker and do-nothing politicians.

  --  Congressional Reports on Massive Corporate Transfer of U.S. Jobs to China
  --  Congressional Reports on Massive Corporate Tax Evasion, Excessive CEO Pay

  --  Congressional Reports on American Worker Poverty, Worker Homelessness
  --  Congressional Reports on Red China's Brutal Subjugation of Hong Kong
  --  Strengthening of Industry in the USA (and not in Communist Red China)
​  --  Federal Caps on All Student Loans at 1% Interest Rate​
  --  Abolishing the Extremely Unpopular "Salary Cap" on the FICA Tax
  --  New Federal Laws:  Medicare For All, Forgiving Student Loan Debt
  --  Laws Mandating "Country of Origin" Labels on All Products
  --  Congressional Reports on Global Warming
  --  Job-Training Programs, and Job-Placement Programs, for Former Soldiers
​  --  Second-Chance Programs, and Discharge Upgrades, for Military Personnel

  --  Indicting and Prosecuting CEO's;  Exposing Corporate Greed and U.S. Job Loss
​  --  Job-Training Programs, and Job-Placement Programs, for Former Prisoners
  --  A New Truman Committee to Investigate Pentagon Mismanagement


Arnold Schwarzenegger donated 25 tiny homes to homeless California veterans. 

Michael Dell donated $38 million to fight against homelessness in Texas

FACT:  Thousands of poor U.S. workers became homeless and bankrupt in 2023. 

In the wake of Election 2022, poor workers had high hopes that Congress would reduce family poverty, forgive student debt, reduce housing costs, and reduce health care costs in America.

But the reality is grim:  Congress supports immoral landlord greed, godless CEO greed, absurd wealth inequality, and gangster CEO's who offshore profitable U.S.-based factories (out of pure greed) to Red China.  Corporations "run" Congress.  They dictate to Congress: (1) how many companies are offshored each year, (2) how many struggling working families are forced into homelessness each year, after rent hikes, and (3) how many poor workers must die each year [annually, more than 50,000]  because they have no health insurance (public or private).

Congress says: "Rampant CEO greed and dire worker poverty -- that's American progress!" On many issues, Congress has sided with lawless corporations against poorly-defended workers.

Each year, 13 million poor workers are arrested for misdemeanors. Arrests for these minor offenses -- making up 80% of all court-assigned dockets -- are rife with racial injustices.

Meanwhile, the IRS has failed to prosecute nearly 1 million high-income tax dodgers.  A recent government report revealed that rich "dodgers" rip off the IRS for nearly $40 billion each year.
What hypocrisy!  Leniency for mega-rich tax dodgers, but harsh sentences for poor workers.