China's dictatorship is the world's worst enemy of Democracy and Human Rights.  They have blown up churches, illegally removed organs from thousands of inmates, jailed Christians, razed churchgoers' homes, executed Falun Gong members, brutalized Christians, and jailed millions of Uighurs -- to prop up the Nazi-like regime.  The DIctatorship imprisons people for "prohibited assembly," and illegally confiscates personal vehicles and homes. Red China (not recognized diplomatically by Haiti) has been accused of involvement in the Haiti assassination.  Red China has been accused of installing Myanmar's dictatorship, and overthrowing its elected government.

Wall Street has duped the world into industrializing Red China's godless regime.  All of China -- Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet and even the Mainland -- strongly disapproves of Dictator Xi.  Free Nations morally defeated Hitler, Tojo and Mussolini in WWII.  Dictator Xi is a murderous and unpredictable tyrant who should be replaced.  He feels China was "humiliated" in past eras. Despite Free Nations helping China into the modern world, Xi has seldom offered praise and gratitude to the CEO's of Democratic Nations who made it possible. The Dictator rules a brutally racist, 90%-Han Chinese regime which openly ridicules and jails Africans and Muslims.  More than 375 million Chinese are demanding removal of the Dictatorship in 2021, and the rebirth of a non-racist Democracy in Mainland China.

Making quick profits from Red China's slave labor, American CEO's have seduced the world into transferring many industries to the Totalitarian Regime. Rev. John Hagee has called DIctator Xi "the Anti-Christ."  The godless regime has murdered thousands of Falun Gong followers.  It has illegally bulldozed millions of private homes.

How many more thousands of Chinese dissidents must be jailed and executed?  How many more Democracies must be invaded?  After decades of inaction, when will Free Nations strongly censure the criminal tyrant?  The Global Tuidang Center has 378 million Chinese members, who are boldly fighting to end the cruel dictatorship

The regime's unpopular invasions in the South China Sea have been declared completely illegal by the UN.  The Dictator has invaded India, the Exclusive Economic Zones of Democracies, and is now threatening Free Taiwan.

Red China has financed violent protests in the USA, in an attempt to disrupt American solidarity.  WIth a 90%-Han Chinese population, China is far more racist and repressive than any Western Nation.  Its despised dictatorship practices terrible human rights abuses -- while The Free World's out-of-touch leaders do nothing.  It has violated:

1.  The Montreal Protocol -- by illegally emitting ozone-depleting chemicals.
2.  International water rights -- by criminally diverting the Mekong River, to deprive downstream nations.
3.  National sovereignty -- by illegally annexing parts of IndiaNepal and the South China Sea.
4.  International Human Rights, by harvesting the organs of jailed or executed political prisoners.

Dozens of governments, news media, and nonprofit groups have sounded the ALARM about Red China:

​1.   The U.S. Congress, Sen. Tom Cotton, Rep. Mike Gallagher, and former Federal Official Steve Bannon
2.   Amnesty International, PFC, Human Rights Watch, Freedom Watch, and Freedom House
3.   The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, and The Daily Express
4.   Epoch Times Journalist -- and U.S. Senator's Daughter -- Maura Moynihan
5.   Chinese dissidents Vicky Xu, Wang Rui and Guo Wengui (who have compared Red China to Nazi Germany)
6.   The Epoch Times, The India Times, The NHK of Japan, and Hong Kong's Apple Daily
7.   Live Science (China's illegal use of globally-banned, ozone-depleting chemicals)
8.   Cutting-edge U.S. news programs: China Uncensored, China In Focus, and The Epoch Times' Cross Roads.

Wall Street traitors have lobbied Congress to raise investment  in China for manufacturing.  American Patriots, however, seek to abandon Red China and to strengthen U.S. industry.  Supporting our allies in Free Asia, patriotic Members of Congress strongly oppose Red China's illegal military bases in the S. China Sea -- with The FORCE Act


President Teddy Roosevelt changed world history -- and greatly expanded world trade -- when he built the popular Panama Canal.  He demanded that Congress strengthen the industrial might of America and her Western Hemisphere allies.

Not since The Great Depression's heyday have poor U.S. workers suffered such:

1.  Massive job losses (including high-tech jobs) to Mainland China and Mexico
2.  Massive homelessness, with "tent cities" springing up all over America
3.  Massive hikes in family home foreclosures and personal bankruptcies
4.  Do-nothing millionaires in Congress who are sellouts to Wall Street's dictators
5.  Massive reversal of worker gains made during The Great Society and The Sixties
6.  Stealing of national media focus -- away from worker poverty, and away from Government's Proper Role to regulate the costs of housing, health care and tuition.

In 1948, President Truman's landmark speech attacked the Do-Nothing Congress.

Millions of underemployed Americans are outraged at:

1.  Profitable U.S.-based firms and factories being sent to Communist China
2.  False TV propaganda (from the Communist Party's Xinhua "News" Agency) about Mainland China -- ignoring the brutality of the despised and totalitarian police state
3.  Sensationalism about overpaid, free-agent athletes (ESPN's fading popularity)
4.  Daily TV propaganda about the Dow Jones Industrial Average.  Eighty-four percent of all Stock Market Holdings belong to the wealthiest 10% of (Anti-Labor) Americans
5.  Immoral TV hype about sensationalism (rapes, murders, violence, vulgarity).

To poor working Americans who cannot find decent jobs or affordable housing, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is about as relevant as a lost dog in Outer Mongolia.

America belongs to The People.  They are demanding TV coverage which:

1.  Highlights good and hard-working families -- and positive, real-life stories.
2.  Highlights good and everyday Americans -- and their good deeds.
3.  Highlights good American Managers (yes, they exist!) and their good deeds.
4.  Highlights wholesome, profitable and "made in the USA" factories.
5.  Shows the truth (and not corporate lies) about health care in Canada, The UK.

Americans want to see positive and real-life stories about people who are saved:  people who were homeless -- but now have good jobs and are off the streets.  People who were in prison for minor crimes -- but now are free, have good jobs, and are raising families.  People who were overpunished in the U.S. military -- but now are granted second chances, have good jobs, and are completely forgiven.

Often, it takes a very long time to solve people problems.  Americans are in favor of long-term programs -- which rehabilitate people, save lives and restore dignity. 


      Poverty and homelessness are at their highest levels since The Great Depression.


President Teddy Roosevelt, revered as one of America's Greatest Historical Figures, fought to help poor workers in the Western Hemisphere.  He built the Panama Canal, and provided thousands of much-needed jobs to workers in Central America.

The Panama Canal accelerated the economies of Good Neighbor Nations.

Roosevelt -- a strident Wall Street REGULATOR, unlike today's grossly-unpopular and heavily-bribed Corporate Democrats --  would NEVER have allowed hundreds of U.S. factories to be dismantled, and then rebuilt in the brutal Dictatorship of Red China.

TR would have promoted strong economies in the W. Hemisphere, and NOT China.


President Biden should demand that Wall St. build supply-chain factories in the Good Neighbor Nations of Haiti, Ecuador, Columbia, Panama, El Salvador and Honduras.

After the
2021 earthquake, Haiti needs American help to build factories, schools, hospitals, roads, water networks, food networks and much-needed universities.


The immoral failure of the U.S. Congress to help Haiti has prompted nonprofits to come to the rescue -- providing the basics of water, food, housing and orphanages.

Save The Children, Hope For Haiti's Children, and Hope For Haiti are in-country.

Compassion International is fighting to house and feed Haiti's struggling families.

Heartbreaking You Tube documentaries -- aired by
Compassion International, Save The Children, and Love A Child -- have been posted to show Haiti's urgent plight.

Ignoring the struggling economies of Haiti and other Good Neighbor Nations in the Western Hemisphere, Congress and Wall Street have instead built hundreds of U.S. factories in the unpopular and brutal dictatorship of Red China.  The People of Haiti -- productive, hard-working and intelligent -- are hoping for a brighter future.

​​Many Americans are outraged that our firms are conducting any business in the dissident-killing, Christian-jailingslave-labor, and Church-bulldozing regime of Communist Red China.

In the 1930's, Churchill sounded the alarm about a murderous dictatorship on the rise: Nazi Germany.  Today's Totalitarian China is a despoticgodless and deeply unpopular Police State.

Millions of people refuse to call the brutal dictatorship "China," preferring the popularly accepted name of "Communist Red China" (to accurately describe the brutal regime).

Workers are demanding:

1.  The decoupling of Wall Street from the slave labor of Communist Red China,

2.  The return of U.S. factories and their jobs (which were sent to China since 1990),

3.  Ending the media's cowardly appeasement of Red China's cruel dictators.

Red China brutally persecutes:

1.  Christians and Falun Gong (through censorship, imprisonment, and executions), 
2.  Churches:  the widespread destruction of Churches throughout Red China,
3.  Freedom of speech (through censorship, imprisonment, and executions),
4.  America's investigation of their spies and their theft of U.S. technology,
5.  The truth: nearly 100% of their new technology came from Western Democracies.

Red China is decades behind America, Europe and Free Asia on civil rights, voting rights, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and many other fundamental rights. 

The Mao-worshipping dictatorship has persistently threatened the freedom of The Republic of Taiwan and the South China Sea -- despite absolutely no military threats to Mainland China.  

Western firms in China have stabbed American workers in the back by moving whole factories, and indeed entire industries, to the Communist Mainland.  Greedy barons in America have deliberately gutted high-tech U.S. manufacturing, with the loss of millions of middle-class jobs.

Workers are demanding that American factories be dismantled in Red China, and then rebuilt in Democratic Nations which do not threaten Taiwan, the South China Sea, India and the USA.

Workers are demanding that America emulate quick-acting Japan, and relocate many critical

factories out of Mainland Communist China -- with its brutal and despotic government.

​Workers are angry at the media's daily hype about the Dow Jones Industrial Average. 

More than 84% of all Stock Market holdings are owned by the wealthiest 10% of (tax-dodging, anti-worker, tax-haven-happy and psychotically "pro-Red-China") investors.

Workers want more focus on America: widespread poverty, lack of opportunity, and the struggles of hard-working families who have lost their factory jobs to Red China.


America in 2021 is not the nation that it was in 1960 -- when Hollywood, TV shows and politicians showed a deep reverence for poor working families and their problems.

In 1960, the memory of 400,000 poor Depression-Era workers who died during WWII was a recent memory.  Popular and G-Rated TV shows included "The Donna Reed Show," "Julia," "Hazel" and "Father Knows Best" -- which glorified working families, parents and children.

During the Fifties, TV-show fathers were military veterans who owed their prosperity to FDR.  The VA Home Loan Program helped them to buy a house.  The New Deal helped them to get a good-paying job.  The GI Bill helped them to attend a university or trade school.

During the post-WWII Age of Prosperity, poor workers were shown dignity and respect.

For minor and first-time offenses, workers did not experience harsh police brutality. 

As an inmate in San Quentin Prison for robbery, singer Merle Haggard was pardoned by Governor Ronald Reagan (R-CA). "The Gipper" was a big fan of the country star's music.  Upon his release, Haggard had a successful career -- and never got thrown into jail again.


Stuck in a Marine Corps brig for 6 weeks after a lengthy AWOL, actor Steve McQueen was given a second chance.  Seven times, he had been reduced in rank.  Many times, he had been busted for "drunk on duty."  Despite his many offenses, he was not dishonorably discharged.  Returned to duty, he "shaped up" and later received an Honorable Discharge.

In 2021, American leaders have turned their backs on poor working families.  They have transferred hundreds of profitable U.S. factories, out of pure greed, to Communist China.

Fortune 500 Firms have stripped away manufacturing -- which has idled poor U.S. workers.

To enrich millionaire shareholders and a major campaign donor, the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), later renamed "CoreCivic" (a for-profit prison operator), Congress has gleefully allowed the prison population to more than quadruple since 1970.  

Many of today's leaders have a complete ignorance of family poverty, and have never held a mainstream and low-wage job.  They have brutally betrayed the legacy of FDR and LBJ.

Ripped off by a pro-Wall Street Congress, thousands of poor workers:

1.  Serve excessive jail terms, for minor crimes (with no second-chance job training),

2.  Suffer punitive discharges from the Armed Forces -- for minor offenses,

3.  Cannot afford grossly-overpriced rental properties -- owing to worker poverty,

4.  Cannot afford to purchase a home for their family -- owing to worker poverty,

5.  Lack a union at work -- to protect their wages, earn a small vacation, etc.

  "The Object of Government is the Welfare of the People."




Theodore Roosevelt

Poor American workers are grateful to President Biden for pandemic relief bills.  For decades, however, Wall Street and Congress have gutted U.S. Industry and utterly betrayed U.S. workers, giving power to Robber Baron investors and anti-worker CEO's who sold their souls to Red China's dictators -- industrializing the monstrous and murderous regime.  Bankrupted U.S. workers -- who suffer poverty, evictions  and homelessness -- have ridiculed Congress as a cowardly corporate puppetSellouts in Congress continue to send many U.S. industries to Communist Red China -- enriching wealthy investors, as they betray poor workers in Free Nations.

Teddy Roosevelt said: "Government's Role Is To Help The People," and not to be a weak lapdog for lawless companies.  Before Teddy Roosevelt, the Federal Government was nothing more than The Puppet of Wall Street.  TR's popular reforms were later strengthened by Wilson, FDR and LBJ.  Today's corporate-bribed politicians, however, seek to revamp Government as The Puppet of Wall Street.

Voters are demanding stronger American Industries (Auto, Steel) instead of Wall Street's  promotion of Chinese Industry. They are demanding that Government reduce the costs of home-buying and rental housing.  They are outraged at immoral GOP attacks on Social Security.  Funded by struggling workers over a lifetime of hard labor, the Social Security Trust Fund has a $2.6 trillion surplus.

​Reform USA is an informational website -- not driven by profit -- which fights for the long-term survival of American workers.  We inform patriotic, progressive, altruistic and reform-minded citizens -- to promote new legislation and new ideas to help our poor and increasingly homeless seniors, students, veterans and severely under-represented workers.​  Fighting against "The Hogs in The Beltway," Reform USA welcomes all comments at:  INFO@REFORMUSA.NET.  We humbly thank you, and may God Bless America.

After the devastating 2021 Earthquake and 2016 Hurricane, Haiti's poor have looked to America to help rebuild their economy.  Instead, Wall Street and Congress have brutally ignored the Economy of Haiti -- while building hundreds of factories in the repressive regime of Communist Red China.


Since 1948, The United Kingdom -- which has a staunchly capitalist, free-market, high- tech and prosperous economy -- has blessed its citizens with Universal Health Care.

The UK's popular Monarchy and Parliament have brilliantly led the Kingdom (and much of the world) through centuries of democratic and scientific progress.  It led the world to defeat Hitler's Germany (far ahead of the USA).  It was the first to create the NHS.  Much of the world's high-tech progress (rail, jets, computers) began in the UK.

The National Health Service guarantees there is never ANY out-of-pocket expense for ANY citizen's health care.  Crown subjects incur no medical bills at all for:

1.  Doctor visits, Emergency Room Visits, Clinic Visits

2.  MRI's, CAT Scans, X-Rays, Blood Draws -- and their Analysis

3.  Maternity Ward Services (baby delivery, care of newborn baby, etc.)

4.  All Surgeries and Associated Medical Procedures, and

5.  Ambulance Service and Hospital Room Stays.

Doctors and Nurses in The United Kingdom are among the best educated in the world.  They receive high salaries, on a par with their peers in other countries.

SInce 1948, a small tax has been paid by all citizens and firms to fund the NHS (National Health Service).  The NHS is rated among the best systems in the world.

After the Democratic Party's huge victory in Election 2020. bankrupted and increasingly homeless   workers strongly support the progressive platform  being promoted by the Biden Administration.

Poor families have been shocked to see what Good Government can do:  pandemic relief bills, eviction moratoriums, free COVID tests, free COVID vaccines, and forgiveness of student loan debt (for some),

"Swept-aside and poor workers" are tired of today's hype:  the "new fad" of cryptocurrency and bitcoin trades by millionaires.  The "new fad" of hiking rents on working families -- causing homelessness and the dissolution of struggling families -- so that billionaire investors can grab ever-larger profits and dividends.

During the Biden Era, the GOP has been the SHAMELESS ENEMY of poor workers.

In the "Anti-Worker and Wall Street Year of 2021," the sellout GOP has done NOTHING to outlaw:

1.  Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading  -- promoting "mystery" capitalism and investor ripoffs, and

2.  Derivative trading -- which has defrauded thousands of investors of  millions of dollars.

The GOP has done NOTHING to lower the costs of housing, health care, and basic needs for poor workers.

Most Republicans in Congress -- with no concern for poor workers -- are "on the hustle" to become millionaires while on Capitol Hill, and soon leave Congress for much bigger paychecks as paid lobbyists.

They fail to: (1) bring good jobs to America, (2) rein in corporate tax dodgers, and (3) effectively fight for Universal Health Care -- which was achieved in the UK, Canada, France and Sweden many decades ago.

They couldn't care less that most First World citizens see the U.S. Congress as the most corrupt, least effective, least prone to work hard, least teamwork-capable, and least "representative of The People."

The GOP couldn't care less that millions of workers cannot afford America's absurd housing costs.

The GOP couldn't care less that millions of high-tech jobs were sent to the Dictators of Red China.

The GOP couldn't care less about America's homeless population.

The GOP couldn't care less that 50,000 Americans die each year, because they have no health insurance.

The GOP couldn't care less about increasing violence, and ignorant sensationalism, in America.

The GOP couldn't care less about the godless greed of CEO's and over-hyped "professional" athletes.

America's nearly-bankrupt workers -- despite their scorn for Congress -- are hoping for real reforms:

1.  Long-Term National Goals -- To Keep Good Jobs (including Manufacturing Jobs) in the USA,
2.  Low-Cost and Universal Child Care -- to help America's income-challenged families,
3.  Low-Cost, Job Training Programs -- to help poor workers and their struggling families,

4.  Lowering Medicare's Age of Eligibility -- as achieved (decades ago) in Canada, the UK and France,
5.  Shorter Enlistment Periods and More Career Options -- for new GI's in the Armed Forces,
6.  Removing the FICA Tax Cap on High-Salary Americans -- to strengthen Social Security,

7.  Building Supply-Chain Factories in the Western Hemisphere -- to help impoverished Free Nations.

In Election 2020, workers showed their anger at the Trumpian Society of
cruelty toward working families.

Workers are angry about no real gains for themselves

1.  The return of manufacturing jobs to America,

2.  The return of an era which cares about poor workers and their children,

3.  The decoupling of Wall Street from the slave labor of Communist Red China, and

4.  Ending the cowardly Congressional appeasement of the dictators of Wall Street and Red China.

          REFORM USA, PO BOX 380343, SAN ANTONIO, TX  78268

Driven by psychotic greed -- to boost the wealth of billionaire corporations -- global leaders have sold out and betrayed the quickly-warming Earth environment, as well as workers in the Free World, by "offshoring" major industries to the world's WORST POLLUTER:  Red China.

Red China, by far, is the world's WORST POLLUTER.  Notorious for killing dissidents, destroying churches, killing Tibetans and Uighurs, and jailing Christians, the REGIME is the world's worst enemy of freedom.  For decades, it has engaged in international cyber piracy (using thousands of PLA soldiers), massive censorship, money counterfeiting, and theft of high-tech copyrights.

The Atlantic Monthly has attacked Wall Street for immorally supporting China's murderous and heavily-polluting dictators.  Critics demand the dismantling of U.S. factories in China, and their relocation to Good Neighbor Nations of the Western Hemisphere:  Haiti, Ecuador, etc.


Canadians are strongly opposed to the excessive profiteering -- and Wall Street's brutal dominance -- of the American for-profit and "free market" healthcare system. 

In Canada, health care is a universal right -- where any citizen can freely go into any medical facility to immediately receive top-notch health care  -- all  cost-free.

​Although Canadian medical facilities are privately owned by doctors and firms,  the national single-payer system pays all patients' bills -- with no out-of-pocket expenses.

Funded by affordable national taxes, the Canadian Medicare System  relieves hard- working Canadians of any bills for health care.  Co-pays are unheard of in Canada. Yet Canadian doctors, nurses and technicians are very well-paid.  They receive the same high-tech training and advanced educations as practitioners in Europe and America.


In every national poll, Canadians prefer their single-payer care system to America's.

Moreover, all surgeries in Canada (whether common or rare) are free of charge.

Furthermore, Canadian families receive monthly bonus checks for having children.

Canadians view America's health "care" system as an archaic, overly-expensive, poorly-managed, and brutally-unfair system which needs an extensive overhaul.

The unpopular U.S. Congress has denied citizens any hope of Universal Health Care  -- although it has been a huge success in the UK, Canada and France for many decades.

"The poor Yanks under age 65" -- as a result -- are stuck with a very unpopular, archaic, corporate-run, and primitive-economics "system of health care."

HMO's and their grossly-overpaid and often-sued CEO's "run the show," and not America's disengaged and do-nothing  government.  HMO's can charge whatever prices they wish for their unpopular insurance policies, their unpopular co-pays, their unpopular day-surgery fees, their unpopular MRI fees, and so on.

​​​​​​​Left photo:     Simon Stevens, CEO, British National Health Service

Right photo:  Karen Lynch, Multimillionaire CEO, America's Aetna Health Care



In The UK -- with a population of 68 million -- patients pay no medical bills and minimal Rx costs.  The average lifespan is 82 years.  CEO Simon Stevens (salary: $250K/year) is the NHS Executive Director. Medical bills for all patients in the UK are covered by the NHS, through an affordable national tax.  Popularly enacted in 1948, it is one of the world's most successful systems.  The Commonwealth Nations have similar systems.


In America -- with a population of 332 million -- more than 25% of all citizens do not have health insurance.  America suffers the First World's shortest lifespan (avg. 76 years) and highest infant mortality rate, despite its ultra-expensive health care.  The CEO of Aetna (which insures a minority of 39 million people) is Karen Lynch, who is paid $11 million/year.  Nearly 50,000 workers die each year, due to a lack of insurance.  Thousands of U.S. patients are annually bankrupted,  because of high medical bills. 

In 2021, Americans are demanding a strong and pro-worker President (e.g.  Wilson, FDR).  They are angry that the "People's Congress" is actually run -- through bribery -- by Wall Street.  It is no surprise that bribes to The Beltway hit a new record in 2020

Just as Big Business fought to preserve slavery in the 1860's, CEO's have spent millions of dollars to block Congress from enacting a publicly-administered health care system. 

America was among the last nations to abolish slavery (Britain: 1833, France: 1848, USA: 1865).  Moreover, it is the First World's last nation to address profit-driven health care.

Today's Wall Street millionaires -- many of whom are descendants of The Confederacy's millionaires -- reap immoral profits from their investments in Aetna, Humana, Blue Cross and other HMO's -- whose excessive profiteering is a modern-day form of slavery.

America needs a 2021 "Health Care Emancipation Proclamation" to free millions of poor working families from today's "plantation system" of profit-driven health care.

In America, 82 million families either have no -- or grossly inadequate -- HMO insurance.

Universal Health Care (UHC) is the answer !  Canada, France and the UK all have UHC !

Under Canada's popular UHC system, all medical clinics and hospitals are privately owned.  The Government's role is to set fee limits and manage a single-payer system.


Workers in the Western Hemisphere are rated the world's most productive employees

Struggling to pay their bills, they are outraged at Wall Street, the GOP and Corporate Democrats -- for betraying workers in Free Nations since 1990, by sending hundreds of Western factories to Red China.

Steel production in Red China now outproduces that of "The Arsenal of Democracy" USA by 10 to 1 !

What a pathetic bunch of unpatriotic and anti-worker politicians and CEO's we have in America !

With utter contempt for American Industrial Strength and American Worker Prosperity, today's feeble politicians and CEO's would DANCE WITH THE DEVIL to fatten the pockets of millionaire investors.

Rubbing their greedy hands, Fortune 500 CEO's have erected hundreds of factories in Red China -- a dictatorship which blocks ANY worker protections, ANY worker unions, and ANY environmental laws.

The GOP and Corporate Democrats DID NOTHING to stop the transfer of high technology to Red China.

The GOP and Corporate Democrats DID NOTHING to stop the transfer of U.S. factories to Red China.

Corporate Democrats took millions of dollars in campaign donations, from American firms in Red China!

After devastating America's Industrial Economy -- and lining the pockets of millionaire investors -- these same, shortsighted, Corporate Democrats then wondered "why they lost Election 2016 to a Republican."

In the Debates of Election 2016, Corporate Democrats were pummeled for betraying jobless Americans.

Wall Street's godless greed in Red China -- fervently supported by the U.S. Congress since 1990 -- has blatantly ignored our South American, Good Neighbor Nations.  Haiti, El Salvador, Columbia and other Good Neighbor Nations are struggling with dangerously-weak economies and widespread poverty.

Haiti, for example, desperately needs jobs and industry for its struggling people.  Unlike Red China, Haiti DOES NOT threaten Taiwan, the South China Sea, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and the Philippines.

With the world's most despicable human rights record,  Red China is ANYTHING but a "nation of the future."  A Totalitarian State -- which is despised by its Free and Democratic Neighbors -- Red China has militarily threatened India, the open South China Sea, the Philippines, Taiwan and other Free Nations.

Instead of giving so much daily press to the murderous dictators of Red China, Americans are demanding that the Do-Nothing Congress ACTS TO IMPROVE the Economies of America's Good Neighbor Nations.


Fighting For Common Citizens in 2021




Governor Douglas, elected 5 times as Governor and voted "The Greatest Canadian in History," brought Universal Health Care -- and thousands of good jobs -- to Canada.

After defeating an incumbent President -- whose Trumpian "Ignore The Homeless" Policies bolstered the godless greed of millionaire shareholders -- Biden has earned global acclaim for reining in Beltway fat cats.  As Wall Street fights for "A New Era of Slavery" in Red China and the Third World, President Biden is fighting for a prosperous and pro-worker America.

At a time when 1 out of every 500 Americans is homeless, anti-worker Republicans are to blame.  They deserve to be criminally indicted, for their monstrous and godless greed.  The corporate-bribed U.S. Congress, however, continues to favor Wall Street over poor workers.



​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Voters, having lost millions of good jobs in the past 20 years, are angry at Congress.   Although America leads the world in new technology -- and is a nation of disciplined, energetic and world-class workers -- its People have been betrayed by unpatriotic, Congress-bribing and elitist CEO's.

The arguably  immoral CEO's of America have declared Totalitarian Red China (the world's most brutal regime) to be a "nation of the future" -- in order to exploit its poorly-paid laborers.

Most of the factories built in China -- where mass executions, workplace deaths and prison labor are commonplace -- could have been built, instead, in friendly Asian democracies.  The film "Complicit" has exposed the workplace deaths, slave wages and injuries of Chinese workers.

​China's repressive military buildup in the S. China Sea -- made possible by windfall profits from their slave laborers -- now threatens Asian Democracies including Japan, S. Korea and Taiwan.

Critics argue that:  with The Beltway's awareness of Red China's horrific worker abuses -- CEO's in America are eager to transform the USA into a similarly repressive and low-wage society. 

Critics argue that:  American CEO's are encouraged by Dictator XI's playbook in China.  Taking their cues from Dictator Xi, The Beltway's elites have created their own "playbook" to continue to saddle America with the world's largest prison population, the world's most expensive and unjust health "care" system, and (by far) the First World's least worker-friendly society and media. 

Voters are angry:  they have lost millions of good jobs.  They are outraged that the unpopular and grossly-overpaid Congress does not regulate Big Business for struggling, working families.

​Meanwhile, each American Member of Congress "earns" nearly $180,000 per year.  Each American Legislative Aide (up to 50 per Member) "earns" more than $100,000 per year.

Voters don't see any hard-hitting CSPAN presentations by Democrats on critical issues:

(1)  Fortune 500 Firms which send thousands of good jobs to Communist China,

(2)  Fortune 500 Firms which pay no taxes (through elaborate bribes to Congress),

(3)  Worker poverty caused by rising costs of housing, health care and college tuition,

(4)  Congressional stonewalling against Universal Health Care, and

(5)  Massive tax cuts for the wealthiest of American corporations.

Voters are angry that "Democrat" Hillary Clinton blocked the greater momentum of Sen. Bernie Sanders, and weakened his critical fight against America's economic injustices.

Voters are angry that Post-LBJ, Corporate Democrats are essentially "Lite" Republicans.

Voters are angry that true Democrats -- e.g., FDR and LBJ -- are increasingly rare.  

FDR, according to international historians, was one of America's greatest Presidents.

FDR's popular reforms and tough leadership earned him an unprecedented four terms.

FDR's legislative reforms surpassed those of all subsequent Presidents, except LBJ

FDR brought balance to the American Economy, and raised the prosperity of workers.

FDR's New Deal legislation, and hundreds of public works, saved America's economy.

Your home town's favorite public park or public school, most likely, was built by FDR

FDR and LBJ achieved a historic number of unprecedented reforms for America.